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"The Strings of Marillion"

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The ultimate collection of Guitar & Bass transcription 

​Coming out on April

Pre-order today to have your name mentioned in the acknowledgment section of the book

"The Strings Of Marillion"

 A compilation of chosen transcription for Guitar & Bass, picked up from the whole discography of MARILLION.

Volumes 1 & 2 covers Fish era and Volumes 2 & 3 covers H. Era.


Transcription comes with a bundle of Guitar Pro 7.5 Files which will gives you more possibilities to learn the songs and practice at your speed. Books comes as a printable PDF with the GP files as in a *.zip compressed format.

You can purchase the transcriptions separately but without the Guitar Pro files. In that case, only the mp3 audio will be included in the *.zip file. 

​We choose to present the tablature with rhythmic (no Standard notation) in order to have a compact collection book easier to read.

​The complete standard notation + Tablature will be available after June 2022.

Choose your notation

Standard + Tablature notation (Coming out June 2022)

  • Multitrack view

  • Standard music notation 

  • Tablature without rhythmic guidance

  • ​Complete PDF file

Tablature only notation (Coming out April)

  • ​Multitrack view

  • Rhythmic notation in the tablature

  • Lighter PDF volume

Guitar Pro 7 complete version

Each Book comes with a Guitar Pro files bundle:

  • Change the speed of in playing mode to practice at your level

  • Access to other supporting track (Keyboards, Piano, Synth)

  • Single & Multitrack display

  • Play selected track only or multitrack

Guitar Pro files are not editable files.

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Look inside

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