For The Lords (Album)

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    Release date is planned for 18 October 2018


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  • David's debut Album "For The Lords" is the result of a musical maturation which lead to this sofisticated instrumental LP.

    It's for sure a Progressive Rock story sometimes more medieval sound and orchestral sections, sometimes more Rock sustained by modern guitar solos you could qualify of Emotional.

    David's does not hide his biggest influence in music who are Steve Rothery (Marillion), Joe Satriani and others prog Rock band from the 80's, but he has added a bunch of string instruments which bring another emotional dimension to what the simple Guitar-Bass-Drum partners could normally provide. David's tone is recognizable by his softness and his technical DNA using fast Arpeggios, Legato or Hybrid picking, balancing between a sensitive approach and modern way to play guitar.


    Track List (Tentative):

    1. A Breath
    2. Take it
    3. Constellaton 5
    4. For The Lords
    5. Asian Trick
    6. Funky ball
    7. Sweet Light
    8. Tappart


    Featuring (Tentative):

    Guitars, Arrangements: David Rambeau

    Drums : Mark Murdock (Song x,x,x,x,x,x)

    Keyboard: Cody Carpenter (Song x,x,x,x,x,x,x)

    Bass: Kenta (Song x,x,x,x,x,x,x)

    Flute: Phil O'Conneil (on "For The Lords")

    Mixing and Mastering: David Rambeau


    Recorded in Tokyo Studio