​MARILLION guitar tab transcription

Accurate guitar tab

Covering Fish and Steve Hogarth era

Available in PDF or Guitar Pro version

Check the generated Guitar Pro Audio file before your purchase 

You can not find a music sheet ? 

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Guitar Pro Audio mp3

The GP generated audio may have some unexpected "click" or notes, during the play, but it is due to the software processor limits to re-create a real guitar player. In most cases, the note attack remover (fading in with volume pedal) is not well working for Fading out ">" and create a noise at the end. Please apologize for the inconvenience.


Marillion's Guitar Tab (Guitar Pro)

​Available Features:

Play the song at your speed (100%, 50%, 25%,...)

Isolate each tracks for a better practice

Export PDF and Audio MP3

*Read only Guitar Pro files